CSV to XML password converter

Convert Firefox or Brave passwords to XML for Falkon
CSV XML Firefox Brave Password JCZD

This very simple script converts a CSV password file to XML ; this is typically needed if you were using Brave browser and/or Firefox and want to switch to something that sucks1 a little less such as Falkon


It only works for firefox so far


# vim: noet ts=4 number nowrap

	take a CSV passwords file from Brave of Firefox and convert it to XML for Falkon

from lxml import etree
from sys import argv

root = etree.Element("passwords")

with open(argv[1]) as CSV:
	# skipping the first line, it's the header
	while True:
		line = CSV.readline().rstrip('\n').split(',')
		if line == ['']:
			e = etree.SubElement(root, 'entry')
			i = etree.SubElement(e, "server")
			i.text = line[0].lstrip('"').rstrip('"')
			i = etree.SubElement(e, "username")
			i.text = line[1].lstrip('"').rstrip('"')
			i = etree.SubElement(e, "password")
			i.text = line[2].lstrip('"').rstrip('"')
			i = etree.SubElement(e, "data")
			i.text = line[1].lstrip('"').rstrip('"')+"&"+line[2].lstrip('"').rstrip('"')
			e.append( i )
print(etree.tostring(root, pretty_print=True).decode())

  1. All browsers suck. ↩︎