Scripts and code snippets

This section contains a bunch a scripts and code snippets for various uses. If you found them to be helpful, please consider a donation!

CSV to XML password converter

This very simple script converts a CSV password file to XML ; this is typically needed if you were using Brave browser and/or Firefox and want to switch to something that sucks1 a little less such as Falkon […]

Configuration files

Some configuration files for various software. While these are not always strictly scripts, this seems like a good place for them […]


genhostid emulates genhostid(1), available on RHEL/CENTOS, for distros which do not provide that utility. […]

ffmpeg screencaster

ffmpeg-screencaster is a basic script to make screencasts with the simple yet excellent FFmpeg command-line software. […]

distcc propagator

distcc propagator is a helper script to help propagate a configuration on hosts and clients in a distcc-enabled network ; its features are: […]

Gentoo bug reporter

gentoo-bug-reporter is a simple script that gathers useful information when a Gentoo ebuild (package) fails to build. […]

Filename fixer

The story behind is worth telling : as the FP was working as a network- and sys-admin in a small IT company near Lausanne, his boss informed him he was to stay for the entire weekend. […]

Kernel options setter

From time to time, one needs to check if a number of options are enabled in the kernel. […]